Exercise is a physical activity carried out consistently with increasing frequency and intensity in order to attain desired fitness, body structure, and weight and for general good health and wellbeing. Exercise has been found to be very beneficial to the cardiovascular system in preventing heart attacks, in preventing development of diabetes and for better physiological functioning of the body. With the awakened masses who are aiming to live healthy lives, it is therefore paramount to find out the types of exercises available.

The first group of exercises is the aerobic exercises. This specific exercises aim at the use of large muscle groups. They force the targeted muscles to work more than happens when resting or doing activities of daily living. The goal is to therefore maximize the ability of the heart to withstand exercise. Some examples of aerobic exercises include hiking, skipping rope, fast walking, cycling, swimming, playing table tennis and slow running.

The second group of exercises is flexibility exercises. These involve stretching and holding certain positions for a sustained amount of time. They are calm and do not need much energy. The aim is to lengthen muscles and tendons and to improve joint mobility. The overall goal is a limber physique and maximizing on the range of motion for each joint and muscle groups which finally reduces the risk of injury during the other types of exercises. Examples include yoga, acrobats and basically just stretching.

Finally, the third exercise group is anaerobic exercises. Anaerobic exercises are essentially just strength and resistance training. They combine high intensity work outs and are usually upbeat and fast. In short, they require a lot of energy and determination. They aim to strengthen, build muscle mass, improve the bone strength and improve muscle endurance to anaerobic conditions. They have the additional benefit of improving coordination, balance and proprioception. Pushups, sprinting, pull-ups, high intensity interval work outs, weight training and lunges are all part of this group.

Most people, when choosing a workout schedule, tend to either include a few exercises from each group in each session, or dedicate a specific day of the week for a certain exercise group. As long as the persistence and consistence is met, as well as goals are set, any of the exercise group can be sufficient.  Other available exercise groups are specific for certain goals. For example agility exercises. Choosing a routine to stick to is easy.