Testosterone Steroids Online For Dummies

There are a lot of  hormones produced by the body for various reasons and these hormones vary in importance. Some have shown great importance which has led to them being manufactured synthetically. Such a hormone is Testosterone. Testosterone is a male sex hormone found in the testicles whose main role is to develop male reproductive tissues. small amounts of it can be produced in the ovaries or adrenal gland in women.  Testosterone pills steroids can be artificially made in various forms such as injectable ester, patches, tablets and even transmittal gels.  They can be used to treat conditions that are caused by shortage of this hormone like delayed puberty and hormonal imbalance. It is regarded as the most important hormone as long as performance is involved and is highly advantageous to the body to the extent that lack or low production cause mental instability.


Testosterone has been known to contribute greatly to protein synthesis, improves recovering abilities, losing fat, increase water and sodium retention in the kidney, production of red blood cells , growth of muscle mass and strength, increased bone heaviness and strength as well as enhancing maturation. Teatosterone has also been credited to the  development and maturation of sex organs especially the penis and scrotum formation for fetus, hair growth and voice deepening. For women it is medically used to treat breast cancer especially when it has spread to other parts of the body. Testosterone can be used for stacking due to its ability to prevent muscle tissue from catabolic reaction caused by other steroid.

Side Effects

Common side effects include headache, breast swelling, low sex drive, acne, testicular atrophy, retention of water, blood pressure, gynecomastia, cholesterol reactions that are adverse,  numbness and tingly feeling. Women who use testosterone supplements steroids may experience male characteristics such as hair on the chin and chest or voice deepening, clitoral enlargement and delayed menstrual periods. Misuse of testosterone can lead to breasts enlarging, high blood pressure, infertility, heart attack, liver complications, stroke, aggression and violence.


The most common and most popular form of testosterone is the injectable version and is by far the most effective. Sustanon steroids is available in many forms and therefore dosage varies. The many forms exhibit different characteristic and usually have different benefits. Some last up to 48 hours in the body while some could even go for 15 days which means they could be taken even twice in a month. A dose of 250-1000mg  per week can be very effective. First time users should maintain not more than 500mg per week. It is undeniable that the higher the amount the better the results however this also means that the negative effects also rise.

Testosterone for sale

Testosterone, like many steroids is only legal under a doctors prescription in the United States; though it is legal in some parts of Europe where you can easily acquire them over the counter. Testosterone for sale can be obtained from underground labs however make sure that the product is correctly dosed and is not contaminated. You can buy testosterone supplements online a.k.a. buy test pills as well, bearing in mind the same precautions. There are a lot of pharmaceuticals online that claim to sell testosterone and it is your duty to do enough research on them to avoid bad experiences.

Testosterone is definitely a vital aspect of growth. However, misuse can cause irreversible side effects. People  that are pregnant, suffering from male breast cancer, prostrate cancer, liver conditions and kidney problems are not advised to use testosterone steroids. Testosterone can give a variety of desirable results and it is the one steroid that is trusted by many to solve almost any problem that steroids solve.