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Vegan Outreach

Center for a Livable Future

In 1996, ARI approached the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health with a proposal for a center to address and solve problems created by the close linkages between meat-eating, factory farming and such social ills as poor public health, world hunger and environmental destruction. In 1997, Johns Hopkins created The Center for a Livable Future which brings an interdisciplinary approach to these and other problems.

Outlawed in Europe by Clare Druce and Philip Lymbery was commisioned and published by ARI in September 2002. The book provides a clear picture of the progressive approach that the European Union is taking as cruel factory farming practices like sowstalls, veal crates and battery cages are being phased out and replaced with more humane alternatives. To order the book, click here
Ethics Into Action is Peter Singer's biography of ARI founder Henry Spira and how a lifetime of activist experience translated the philsophy set out in Animal Liberation into the first animal rights victories of the modern era including the phasing out of the Draize rabbit-blinding test and the ending of the classic LD-50 death test. To obtain a copy, click here.

First published by ARI in the nineties, Beyond The Law is attorney David Wolfson's portrayal of the legal dilemma of U.S. farm animal. He explains how common animal agriculture practices, no matter how cruel, are legal under US or state law and contrasts these with other countries that are enacting legislation to outlaw the worst abuses. The book can be obtained here.
Dedicated to Henry Spira, ARI's founder, Vegan-The New Ethics of Eating by Erik Markus, is widely considered one of the best introductions to an all plant diet. Available at on-line bookstores, it can also be downloaded for free (in Acrobat format) here