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Outlawed in Europe
by Clare Druce and Philip Lymbery was commisioned and published by ARI in September 2002. The book provides a clear picture of the progress that is taking place in the European Union as cruel farming practices like sowstalls, veal crates and battery cages are being phased out and reploace with more humane alternatives.

Ethics Into Action is Peter Singer's biography of activist Henry Spira and how a lifetime of experience translated the philsophy set out in Animal Liberation into the first animal rights vicotries of the modern era. career of tens of millions. If a modern animal rights movement was to grow and move forward, a victory was a fundamental and psychological necessity.

Beyond The Law is attorney
David Wolfson's portrayal of the legal dilemma of U.S. farm animals and was first published by Animal Rights International in the nineties. It offers a starkly contrasting view of the backward appraoach to farm animal laws in the U.S., particularly when compared to the more enlighted approach in the European Union which has banned and continues to phase out factory farming practices which are considered standard in the U.S.

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