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Factory Made Birds

So-called broilers are kept under extremely crowded conditions typically tens of thousands in a a shed. This works out to about seven tenths of a square foot per bird. Because the birds are overcrowded, stress levels and mortality are high. The overcrowding prevents the birds from establishing a pecking order and does not allow subordinate birds the opportunity to escape from dominant birds. This leads to destructive pecking and cannibalism. As a result, many producers cut off a major portion of the chickens' beaks while they are chicks. This procedure, known as debeaking or beak trimming, is claimed to be non-painful or only a "mild stress" by industry representatives or supporters. The beak, however, contains an extensive nerve supply. Partial beak amputation results in loss of weight and reduced growth, A small percentage of chicks die directly as a result of the procedure due to its painful nature. The mutilated beak may be subject to the phenomenon of phantom pain. The tongue is sometimes cut at the same time, leading to an inability to eat and starvation. The procedure is painful and, under the best of conditions, results in birds who have a difficult time feeding and preening compared with normal birds.

Chickens, as well as turkeys, are subjected to other types of mutilation such as toe amputation and wing clipping, all without anesthesia.

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