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The AVMA continues to endorse making animals sick for profit! This year ARI ran a full page ad in the Honolulu Advertiser asking why the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) continues to condone a practice that has been ooutlawed by eighteeen nations as well as the state of California and the city of Chicago. Click on the imageeee for a full version of the ad
The Ad that never ran.

In 2004, a small group of Rochester animal advocates visited retail chain Wegmans egg-factory in the middle of the night and filmed the horrendous conditions in which they kept their hens. After producing a widely viewed documentary, the film maker, Adam Durand was charged with felony burglary because he removed some critcally sick and dying birds for veterinary care. Shortly before Adam's trial, ARI submitted this ad to the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle to show Wegmans and others like them that if they tried to punish animal advocates for exposing abuses like those at Wegmans egg factory there would be consequences. The Democrat and Chronicle declined to run the ad citing the picture and saying it came too soon after the death of Wegmans founder Robert Wegman. The Democrat and Chronicle receives a lot of advertising fron Wegmans. ARI, assisted by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) sent out media releases which resulted in coverage by the New York Times and the Associated Press. Adam Durand was acquitted of felony burglary. Click on the ad for a full sized PDF version.

When is a Rabbit a Chicken?

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) doesn't seem able to tell the difference. The result is that rabbits raised for food are classified as poultry and have the same humane protections as chickens--none at all! This ad produced for the Humane Farming Association and co-sponsored by ARI and the Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) ran full page in the New York Times in 2004. So far, USDA has not acted on the issue. Click on the ad for a large version.

Tell AVMA to Put Animals First!

Download a copy of the ad by clicking on the picture. Requires Adobe's Acrobat Reader to view and print. You can download the free Acrobat Reader here. Text of the ad is reproduced below.

Has anyone betrayed more animals than
the American Veterinary Medical Association?

Betrayed is a strong word. But look at the facts.

The AVMA veterinarian's oath promises to "protect animal health and relieve animal suffering." Yet, astoundingly, the AVMA endorses practices that intentionally make animals sick while supporting some of the cruelest conditions for raising farm animals to be found anywhere in the world. So cruel they are banned or being phased out in Europe. But they are common right here in the United States and the AVMA is keeping it that way.

Isnt that a betrayal?

Ten billion farm animals are raised for food in the United States every year. Can you think of anyone else who has betrayed so many ?

Here are some of AVMA’s worst betrayals.

Sow Stalls: A Lifetime of Immobility

In 2002, Florida voters outlawed the use of sow stalls in that state. Sow stalls are barren metal cages barely larger than the sow herself in which the pregnant animal spends most of her life. She can't turn around or lie down comfortably, let alone exercise.

But when California legislators tried for a similar ban, it was quickly derailed because AVMA policy says it ís fine to confine pigs in a cage so small they are unable to walk or even turn around for most of their lives.

Laying Hens: Starvation and Death by Wood Chipper

AVMA again showed its anti-animal philosophy in California last year when, according to San Diego County authorities, Dr Gregg Cutler, a vet on AVMA's Animal Welfare Committee, advised an egg farmer to get rid of twenty five thousand hens by throwing them, alive and fully conscious, into a wood chipper—advice that was gruesomely followed.

In spite of widespread public outrage, Dr Cutler remains on AVMA's Animal Welfare Committee.

No surprise then that AVMA policy also allows egg producers to starve hens for up to 14 days in a procedure called "forced molting" that shocks the birds into a new cycle of egg-laying.1 Starving hens is outlawed in Europe, but not here.
In a large operation, prolonged starvation kills many of the birds and leaves the survivors with weakened immune systems and endemic levels of salmonella—hardly ethical medical care.

Veal Calves: Intentionally Sick

Veal crating is another U.S. practice that will soon be illegal in Europe. Pale veal is produced by intentionally making the calf anemic and debilitated. The calf spends his whole life squeezed into a two foot wide wooden crate. Yes, the AVMA defends that as well.

AVMA: Beholden to Industry, not Medicine

Most vets are decent people who care about animals. That same concern to help animals, not hurt them, must be the guiding principle at the AVMA. Instead the organization panders to agribusiness giants. Giving the AVMA’s seal of approval to unscrupulous producers promotes rather than alleviates, disease and suffering. For billions of American farm animals, it is the ultimate betrayal.

Your Voice Can Upgrade AVMA Policies

The AVMA can change if you and your veterinarian get involved. Give your vet a copy of this ad (printable copies can be downloaded at: and ask him or her to urge the AVMA to adopt ethical positions on animal welfare. And please protest to the AVMA yourself using the contact information below.

If you would like ARI or one of the other organizations below to send you and your vet additional information, please use the coupon or email Remember, AVMA polices affect billions of animals. Your action can make their lives vastly better.

Contact the AVMA by writing to:
Jack O. Walther, President
American Veterinary Medical Association
1931 North Meacham Road - Suite 100 Schaumburg, IL 60173
Phone: 847.925.8070 · Fax: 847.925.1329

More information on the AVMA can be found at

Photographs of sow and veal crates
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1 For an explanation of how the starvation of hens forces them into a new laying cycle go to or

Help End Australia's Live Export Trade.

Download a copy of the ad by clicking on the picture. Requires Adobe's Acrobat Reader to view and print. You can download the free Acrobat Reader here.

This ad, produced and sponsored by Animal Rights International ran in four Australian Newspapers and has received a strong response from the public.

Millions of sheep and cows have died as a result of the horrific conditions encountered while being exported live to the Middle East and elsewhere.

In addition, the animals face cruel slaughter practices in places that often have no legal or welfare protections at all.

Please download a copy and use the contact information to protest to Prime Minister Howard and ask him to end the live trade for good (and in accordance with the greater public's wishes.)

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA)
Promotes animal cruelty

A major obstacle to phasing out inhumane factory farming practices is AVMA policy which provides a "seal of approval" for some of the cruelest industry practices like deliberate starvation aof hens and sow and veal crating . This is complretely inconsistent with ethical veterinary standards and even their own ethical guidelines which state, “Veterinarians should first consider the needs of the patient: to relieve disease, suffering, ordisability while minimizing pain or fear.” It is not only a betrayal of hundreds of millions of animals, but in the case of laying flocks who experience rampant levels of disease as a result of starvation, a threat to human health and a violation of the public trust.

This ad ran in the Rocky Mountain News on the opening day of the AVMA's 2003 convention in Denver.

For a downloadable version of this ad click here

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